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The Rizvi ex-students share a special bond with the management and faculty members even years after they passout. They are the gems we really cherish. It makes us proud to see them flourish. As the world raves about their achievements, they seldom fail to acknowledge the Institute’s contribution in their growth and development and always come back to share the joy. Likewise, we don’t give up on them post convocation. We take it upon ourselves to give them more ammunition to succeed throughout their careers. Every relationship worthy of keeping works two-ways, after all.

We often find reasons to connect with them and re-live some of the memorable moments from their life on campus.

  • Yaadein – The Annual Alumni Meet

    While we are never out of touch, our annual alumni meet is a light-hearted occasion to catch up on what is missed. We meet for an evening full of music and sumptuous food, but what we really look forward to is the smiles, hugs and laughs. While we formally invite every student to come back to campus, the event is already earmarked in every calendar as nobody wants to miss it.

  • Alumni Speak

    There is no better way to show the current students what lies ahead. When a Rizvi alumnus speaks of his successful journey from campus to corporate, the students feel a gush of motivation. They see what it takes to reach the pinnacle. They make note of the milestones as well as potential pitfalls on the way. The institute hopes to ignite a spark through a talk that is delivered by a student who was once in the same shoes. And this is done regularly throughout the academic year.

  • Placements and Job Opportunities

    Over the years we have built a strong network of Rizvi-ites who feel the love for their alma mater. They look for opportunities to give back to the institute and help their juniors get employment opportunities in coveted positions. The institute reciprocates with more. We continuously relay information about new opportunities in various organisations and help the ex-students grab them in time to further their already developed careers.