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Dr. Shariq Nisar


Ph.D (Eco.), MA (Eco.), BA (Hons.)

Dr Shariq Nisar is a well-recognised name in the Indian finance industry. After completing his PhD in Economics from Aligarh Muslim University in 2003, he moved to Mumbai and did a course on Capital Markets from the University of Mumbai. During the last one and half decade, Dr Shariq has served and consulted some of India's top brands in the finance industry such as Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, GICRe, Tata Asset Management, Taurus Asset Management and many others. He continues to be on the Boards of various companies.

Having made a pioneering contribution to the Indian finance sector, Dr Shariq turned his attention towards academia when he joined the Harvard Law School as a Senior Visiting Fellow in 2013. During his stint at the Harvard Law School, he interacted and exchanged views with some of the most recognised names in academia such as Nobel laureates Professor Amartya Sen, Professor Mohammed Younus, Prof. Samuel Hays, Prof. Vogel E Frank, Prof. Noah Feldman, Prof. Shahab Ahmad, etc. He audited a course on Current Topics in Financial Regulation under renowned Professor Howell Jackson.

Upon his return to India, Dr Shariq established India's first Centre for Alternative Finance in 2015 and shortly afterwards he joined Rizvi institute of Management Studies and Research as a full-time professor. Dr Shariq Nisar has made more than 50 international visits as an invited speaker for conferences and seminars in Europe, North and South Americas, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia. He has published 3 books and 60 plus research papers and articles. He was invited to make a presentation before the Select Committee of Indian Parliament during the discussion on the Insurance Amendment Act, 2015.

He has delivered special lectures and seminars at University of Harvard, University of Liechtenstein, Tuft University, University of Ecuador, Vienna University of Economics and Business, among many others. Every year he teaches a course at the University of Luxembourg. At Rizvi, Dr Shariq teaches courses on Managerial Economics and Financial Markets and Institutions.

Dr Shariq Nisar is a recipient of Skoch Digital Inclusion Award 2011; Editor’s Choice Award 2018 from Mid Day Media and IFFSA International Award, 2016 for his contribution to the Indian finance industry. In 2020 he received the Bharat Inclusion Research Fellowship.