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Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research

Three Decades of Excellence

Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research is a leader amongst the new generation of B-schools in India today. In nearly three decades, the institute has already created a niche for itself in the field of management education. Our graduates are young aspirants battling their way up with cannons of confidence and competence instilled in them by the institute. Set up in the serene and scenic neighborhood of Carter Road Bandra, the RIMSR provides students with an infrastructure that enables conducive atmosphere for learning.

Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research aims at challenging students to discover their own power to influence the world, taking advantage of the “Rizvi mission” – to develop an intellectual, knowledge based community.

This institute has the stature of a corporate and personal entity having a history and a future. It is widely perceived as a competitive base for students in the context of managing the emerging global economy.

The mantra for today’s professional is “empowerment”, and that is exactly what students of Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research are equipped with. It offers excellent opportunities for professional development in an intellectually stimulating environment.

In its pursuit of adding an extra educational quality to the ordinary, the Institute delivers the extraordinary to the industry. Converting challenges into business opportunities needs a high degree of integration of resources and competencies. It also calls for an imaginative and innovative approach in leadership. The institute not only facilitates a participative study culture, but also enables students to unleash their untapped potential of creativity and motivation, while gearing them in solving business problems.

For the students of Rizvi, the source of inspiration lies in the culture, discipline, knowledge and skills imparted by the Institute’s brilliant fulltime and visiting faculties. The Institute takes pride in its faculty, which is dedicated to an integrated curriculum with a global focus, team teaching, as well as inputs from students and corporate executives. From their research and consulting, these instructors bring an immediacy and relevance to the classroom.

Innovative research, real world experience and effective teaching come together in single learning process. This philosophy means that the faculty members are involved in a broad range of consulting and applied research activities, which greatly enhances students’ educational experience. The faculty comprises of distinguished academicians and leading professionals of the business world. These individuals enable students to capture their value, deploy their power of knowledge and multiply their benefits in whatever may be the task.

It is clear that there is “a season for everything under the sun”. One unfinished season for this institute is to constantly achieve academic excellence by striving towards knowledge and excellence. The goal ahead is difficult and challenging. There are no short cuts any longer, either to individual greatness or to collective salvation. But it is across that difficult and razor-edged path that we must go towards our chosen goal – the goal is a new Economy, the goal is a new Learning, the goal is a new approach to quality and the customer.

Rizvi Institute of Management Studies and Research for more than a decade now has been providing the Indian corporate world with management graduates who have been trained with a rich blend of academics and corporate realities. The Institute takes pride in the quality of teaching imparted to the enrolled graduates in creating world class managers. Being an ISO Certified Institute; the Institute ensures that every aspect of the quality policy is adhered with. The Institute has dedicated itself to the mantra of launching advancing careers by imparting world-class management education through:

  1. Integrated and case oriented pedagogy.
  2. Development of conceptual and analytical skills.
  3. Focus on individual students in order to provide customized learning experiences.
  4. Emphasis on teamwork and effective communication to sharpen.
  5. Problem-solving abilities.

As a part of its academic journey, RIMSR provides the following course:

  • Master of Management Studies
    A two years full time Post Graduate Degree Course affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

The Institute has been growing from strength to strength since its inception in 1994. Keeping in mind its basic motto of continuous improvement and benchmarking with international standards, the Institute has set for itself the following goals for the next couple of years.

  1. A full-fledged training and consultancy wing of the Institute that shall cater to customized Management Development Programmes for the Global Corporate World.
  2. Tie-up with business houses for consultancy projects.
  3. Tie-up with research agencies and planning houses to be their outsourcing wing for research and analysis.
  4. Tie-up with Foreign Universities to facilitate both student and faculty exchange programmes.

The Institute has ensured a robust process for delivering quality training. A strict adherence to the procedures mentioned above has resulted in many significant achievements. These achievements are in tandem with the stated organisational needs for which the entire process was initiated. The entire training cycle mentioned above has been monitored, controlled and improvised over a period of five years. These efforts have resulted in:

  1. Immaculate university results year on year
  2. Phenomenal increase in placement percentage
  3. Handsome increase in remunerations for our graduates
  4. Increase in strong linkages with the corporate world
  5. Increase in number of companies visiting the campus for recruitment
  6. Improvement in ratings by external agencies