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Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research is a manifestation of philosophy that believes in imparting knowledge through holistic quality education and in its pursuit to do so the academic journey encompasses the best from all walks of life to enhance and enrich all its stakeholders. Borrowed from Albert Einstein, “The only source of knowledge is experience”, the institute ensures that an experience sharing initiative is at the forefront in its attempt to impart knowledge.

Learning from Legends” is an initiative by Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research that intends to create an immaculate learning environment by hosting Legends from various fields and domains who have not only created a name for themselves but also made the nation proud. This initiative has the institute corridors blessed by individuals who are by themselves an institution in their own right.

The essence of the one day conference is to have Legends share their journey, their experience and their share of struggle as they marched towards their glory and fame. The programme has the Legend in a question and answer session with an alumnus of the institute. The legend is asked questions that helps the audience learn an industry by itself.
The audience for this conference shall comprise of alumnus of the institute, corporate partners, teaching faculty both academic and industry and students of the existing batch.

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