Academic Impetus

The institute has always believed in holistic development of the student and keeping this in mind it undertakes various initiatives that add to the academic impetus. These initiatives help the student be corporate ready by defining a clear career path.

Career Advancement Program (CAP)
The Career Advancement Program (CAP) is an attempt by the institute to prepare the students for one of the most critical activity of their career namely the Placement Process. CAP aims at preparing students to face the corporate world in the form of interviews; seek clarity in terms of their interest areas; identify their strengths and improvement areas thereby helping them to improve their domain knowledge and build expertise. It also provides an opportunity to the students to get a firsthand experience of the expectations of the corporate from the MBA Graduates.

Any Placement Process across organisation constitutes of three decisive selection criteria:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Group Discussions
  • Personal Interview
    a. Technical / Domain Interview
    b. HR / General Management Interview

The CAP is a simulation exercise conducted in two phases where the students undergo the aforesaid selection criterion. The CAP is conducted first in Semester Two where the students are tested for :

  • General Awareness
  • Managerial Skill Sets
  • Business Skill Sets
  • Business Awareness

The CAP is then repeated again in Semester Three which incorporates evaluating the students on

  • Aptitude Test
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Business Awareness

The Aptitude Test is designed by the institute which includes

  • General Knowledge
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Domain Knowledge (Marketing / Finance / HR / Operations / Systems)
  • Business Awareness

The Group Discussions are conducted by the Core Faculties of the institute on contemporary Management and Business issues. The Personal Interviews, each lasting for an approximately 45 minutes per student is conducted by a panel which comprises of representatives from Corporate India. This panel is made up of special corporate invitees associated with the institute in the form of Visiting Faculty, Guest Faculty, Alumnus, Summer Project Guides, Placement Partners and Special Designate Corporate invitees.

Career Counseling
The Specialisation Counseling Program is conducted in Semester II for the first year students of the institute. The aim of the Program is to help prospective MBA Graduates to select their respective specializations in a systematic way by means of

  1. Career Advancement Program – I
  2. Presentations on areas of specialization by industry experts covering aspects of career options, industry trends and pre-requisites for each area of specialization
  3. Personal Counseling sessions to help the students clear their individual doubts and help them select their area of specialisation

‘Telesis’ is a two-day event held at the start of Semester II for the first year students of the institute. The event deals with the application of knowledge and thus lead to progress that is intelligently planned and directed, i.e. the attainment of desired ends by the application of intelligent human effort to the means. The base-line of the event intends to provide an opportunity to the students to put their knowledge to use, apply it, and most importantly learn from it. ‘Telesis’ as an event also helps students learn the vital skill of time-management, as all the activities in the event are time bound. It teaches them group dynamics, pushes them to challenge their own limits, and utilize their potential to the fullest. Since the MBA course offers five fields of specialization when the students enter their second year, viz. Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and IT. ‘Telesis’ focused attention on all these five, by incorporating events pertaining to all the five specializations.

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